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Lycoris chinensis
Lycoris chinensis at sunset...

Bulbmeister.COM provides Lycoris "in the green" (freshly dug), so that the customer can know s/he is getting the freshest, healthiest product possible. Our other specialty, spring, summer, and fall flower bulbs are also grown here at the nursery, assuring you the greatest success with transplants for your flower gardening experience. Learn more about what is available by clicking, Buy Bulbs.

Bulbmeister.COM has dedicated itself to being a portal for SHARING information about the flower bulbs you grow in your garden and landscape. So, with that in mind, growing guidelines have been provided and Blog articles written.

Additionally, a concerted effort has been made to photograph flowers of bulbs that have been offered by Bulbmeister.COM in times past, which you may view in the Image Gallery. These can be sent as e-cards or reviewed for identification and reflection on the expansive supply of beauty found in nature.

Two features of this site require registration, fhe Forum & Auction. Through the former, you have the opportunity to share your gardening experiences with other enthusiasts, and it's a great way to get advice from The Bulbmeister and fellow gardeners; advice that can then be shared with the public. The latter is an eBay-style sales system for odds and ends, including seeds harvested in the nursery. The auction population pool is significantly smaller than that found on eBay, so your chances of bidding success are vastly improved using this in-house auction system.

Please don't hesitate to use provided avenues to contact The Bulbmeister about anything related to site usability or flower bulb sales. You can also use the Contact Form, directly, to request being added to the email notification list, but please note that The Bulbmeister has transitioned to Facebook for active announcements. Email notification will deal only with major announcements.

If you are registered with Facebook, please give us a LIKE! Enjoy your visit with us at Bulbmeister.COM.

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