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Following are means for contacting Bulbmeister.COM. Thank you for visiting!

  • Contact Form - This is the most convenient method for contacting Bulbmeister.COM. No e-mail goes unanswered; usually answered within 24 hours.
  • Forum - If you have requests for advice on growing your flower bulbs, and the answers could not be found from the Bulbmeister.COM website, please inquire through the Forum. This will allow The Bulbmeister and other forum members the opportunity to give you the advice you need.
  • Telephone - The Bulbmeister.COM telephone number is 479-787-6579. You MUST LEAVE A MESSAGE. Your call will not be answered directly but is still very important to Bulbmeister.COM. Calls will NOT be returned for catalog requests or requests for flower bulbs not shown to be available on the lists. Special requests should be sent via e-mail or post. Telephone orders are accepted, but please provide best times to return your call. Also, be prepared for telephone tag!!
  • Post - You may always send correspondence to:

    10846 Hodge Lane
    Gravette, AR 72736

    Please provide a telephone number and e-mail address in correspondence, as these methods are preferred for reply.