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While not designed to be a comprehensive list on flower bulb culture, this page does provide general growing suggestions and links to articles about culture of flower bulbs offered by Bulbmeister.COM.


Most flower bulbs prefer a low nitrogen, high phosphorous fertilizer, such as bone meal, at planting time. Also, it is a good rule-of-thumb to let the foliage complete its seasonal cycle (DON'T cut it down just because bloom is over). Planting depth of fall bulbs may generally be measured as 3 times bulb diameter. Following is a growing guide for specific flower bulb genera.

Bulbmeister.COM Growing Guide (HTML) - For online viewing.

Bulbmeister.COM Growing Guide (PDF) - For download and printing.


Following are links to genera with more detailed information. Just click on the link to your genus of interest to learn about it's origins and culture: